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Covenant Energy was incorporated to become one of the Canadian leaders in the transformative green fuel industry through the production of renewable diesel and renewable jet fuel. Covenant is advancing the development of the first stand-alone Hydrogenation-Derived Renewable Diesel (HDRD) refinery in Canada, which will use Canadian produced and processed canola oil as the primary feedstock. 
Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, the refining process will transform prairie-grown canola oil into a premium diesel product, propelling the Province of Saskatchewan into being a leader in low emission, renewable energy.

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Hydrogen Derived Renewable Diesel (HDRD)

  • Considered a “drop in fuel”, can be switched out 1 to 1 in conventional diesel engines without any altering 
  • Burns more completely than fossil diesel while reducing up to 80% emissions 
  • High cetane number, quicker starts in cold weather 
  • Long shelf life and low aromatics 
  • Can be produced with significantly lower cloud point 

HDRD has shown higher combustion quality, which can provide an improved performance and longer vehicle life span. It also has environmental advantages to other fuels, including its ultra-low sulfur content and when burned it only releases the equivalent amount of carbon dioxide that was captured by the renewable feedstock used, for example canola. 

Canola Oil

Animal Fats

Soy Oil


HDRD Application

The transportation sector accounts for roughly 24% of all GHG emissions in Canada. Incorporating Hydrogenation-Derived Renewable Diesel (HDRD)  blending in all areas will play a large roll in lowering GHG levels. 

Benefits of Hydrogenation-Derived Renewable Diesel (HDRD)

Reaching Far and Wide…


Downstream development will bring jobs and economic growth to the economy. It will also provide growth in both the mid stream and upstream sectors as the feedstock requirements will push demand for agricultural production and processing.


Utilizing canola oil, soy oil, and animal fats produced in Canada increases domestic demand for these products; leading the charge in the call for volume and price increase.


Sustainable and efficient, the implementation of renewable diesel provides a real, current solution to answering the climate change initiatives through lowering GHG emissions.

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